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The Welcome Collective Video

Hold Together / Another Artist Run Ititiative / February 2016


The Welcome Collective’s project Hold Together at Another employs object design for community engagement and explores the power of functionality in commonplace objects. The artists observe and acknowledge the global tradition of tea drinking and the impact that such and similar traditions have on families and communities. With a particular emphasis on contemporary issues of displacement and migration, particularly within Australia, the collective will create a series of artefacts at another, intended as tools for social interaction and the building of communities. 


The works will be constructed in clay and concrete, and an academic enquiry into concrete as a contemporary material for social change will accompany the project. Concrete was used to construct Modernist and utopian answers to displacement and mass housing, beginning in Europe and proliferating today in Asian mega-cities. Its pivotal role and monolithic application are juxtaposed through utilising the same material to construct objects reminiscent of domestic, functional homewares.


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