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Hannah & Aaron

On arrival in Dijon, France, October 2012:


She said: I don’t understand this huge French form or the receptionist trying to get me to fill it out 

He said: I speak French…


In a hostel in Melbourne, Australia, January 2014:


She said: I love you

He said: I love you too


Under a tree in Kew Gardens, London, England, July 2015:


She said: I’ve honestly never eaten anything as delicious as this custard tart; nothing else today will top this

He said: Will you marry me?


In a little office in the city centre, Perth, Australia, August 2015:


She said: I do

He said: I do



4th August 2016



Hannah and Aaron will bless and give thanks for their marriage at St Mary's Church, Oxfordshire and then celebrate in the Tythe Barn next door. 


Whether in person or in spirit, we'd love you to be with us on this seriously special day. 

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